Our Products

In Santa Catalina, we work with the best supplies and under the highest quality standards to offer very nutritious products.

We know that you always try to give the best to your family, that´s the reason why we provide you with our variety of oat and noodles, many of them are enriched with andean cereal and other natural ingredients.

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Nutrition and health

To have a full life, where we can perform our work optimally is necessary to maintain a diet that meets our daily requirements. A diet rich in nutrients gives us the energy we need to stay functional and so we can enjoy our day-to-day activities.

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Nutrition Recipes


1. Beauty Tips

Do you know that oat helps your skin look better? Enter here to learn how to use oat in your beauty routine.

2. Cooking Tips

If you want to surprise your family with new and tasty recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, enter here.

3. Crafts

Here you will find good ideas to share time with your kids making cute crafts.